Find Your Voice

Find your creative voice by USING your creative voice.

In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll write between 12 to 21 poems in less than 2 hours. Yes, really. And, along the way, discover a bit of the creative voice that’s been waiting inside you, patiently, to peek out.

What makes your writing unique? What makes it YOU?

We can TELL you what to do until we’re blue, green, and gold in the face – but you won’t really learn except by doing. And do, we will!

 Who this is for:

  • Creative writers: We’ll focus on poetry, but these techniques apply to crafting stories and non-fiction (you need a voice for that, too). Especially good for MFA students.
  • Teachers: Take these techniques and adapt them for you class.

Who we are:

Sean Petrie & Rebecca Bendheim are part of the nationally-renowned Typewriter Rodeo, where they’ve written thousands of poems for strangers on the spot, and do weekly radio poems for NPR. Both have MFAs in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, are writing teachers (Sean at the University of Texas, Rebecca at Trinity Episcopal School), and authors. Sean’s books include Typewriter Rodeo, the award-winning Pet Poems (also not just pets), and the Jett Ryder series for kids. Rebecca is represented by Patricia Nelson and has multiple books in the works.

What you’ll come away with:

  • 12-21 poems
  • 3 techniques to spark your writing (hey, writer’s block)
  • more of your creative voice
  • confidence
  • community
  • refill your creative well


  • $800; up to 15 students
  • in-person or remote

(or email