Poetry Stories

“Hello! What can I write you a poem about?”

In addition to books, I do poems on-the-spot:

Someone gives me a topic and I write them a poem — boom! — in 2 minutes on a typewriter.

I’ve done over 25,000 of those, most with Typewriter Rodeo.

The experience can be pretty magical ✨ —

How do people respond to a poem written for them on-the-spot?


Below are some favorites, each with the story, the poem, and a little writing-lesson magic.

(Educators, feel free to use! 😊🍎)


Writing-Lesson Magic ✨:

drop an elephant!

Nothing's Wrong

Writing-Lesson Magic ✨:

trust your weird


Writing-Lesson Magic ✨:

embrace your mistakes

Zombie Dance

Writing-Lesson Magic ✨:

rhyming “tricks”


Writing-Lesson Magic ✨:

reading your audience


Haunted Stopwatch

Writing-Lesson Magic ✨: