On-the-Spot Poems

What's an on-the-spot poem?

It happens when someone walks up & gives a topic: “Can you write about my broken heart?” Then, in 2-3 minutes, I give back a gift — a poem spontaneously crafted just for them, on my 1928 Remington portable typewriter. Here’s what it looks like in action:


People often respond with smiles and laughter — even hugs, high-fives, and tears:

I’ve written over 15,000 on-the-spot poems from Maine to Mexico, for kids age 5 to 95, even for celebrities:

Most poems I never see again, but a handful find their way back. Some are tacked to bedroom walls for inspiration … or tucked in a pocket for solace at a funeral … or kept in a car as a road trip companion.

I love the idea that thousands of physical, hand-typed poems are out there in the world, playing a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Below are a few of my recent favorites:


At the Farmers Market in West Seattle, two couples were nearby. Couple #1 leaned in and whispered: “Our friends don’t know we’re pregnant — can you write a poem to tell them?” The best part was watching the other couple read the poem and yell, “No way!”

“This was really incredible. And the poem was perfect – they wound up using it as their birth announcement on Facebook later in the day.” —James Frasca, poem requester


At the Antiquarian Book Fair in Washington, D.C., a little boy wanted a poem on “zombies and music!” Of course!


After seeing our Typewriter Rodeo segment on Texas Country Reporter, Aaron asked for a poem: “Could you write about my daughter who passed 30 years ago of S.I.D.S.? I still cry.”