Gift Poems

Give a unique, personalized gift — a custom poem on a vintage typewriter.

โ€œOMG! This is so perfect — it brought a tear to my eye, and I’m the less emotional one!”
~N.R., Texas

TIMING: Please expect up to 10 (ten) days from when you order the poem until it is shipped; if you need expedited shipping, please indicate on the order form below.

FORMAT:ย  All gift poems are original works based on whatever information you’d like to share, and are hand-typed on a vintage typewriter. That means your gift poem may have “mistakes” in the form of x’d out typos. Those imperfections add to the authenticity of the poem, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid them since old typewriters (awesomely) don’t have a delete or correction key.

CHARGE:ย  Gift poems are $100 each (includes Texas sales tax, clear protective display, and standard shipping) via PayPal.

To order, email

โ€œSean — We can not tell you how much your poems have touched us. Our daughters are both incredibly strong women. These poems are gifts that will last their lifetimes and longer. We also know that we have part of you in their poems and we are grateful for that as well. When we present them with the poems there will be tears … PS We are so looking forward to getting them framed.”
~M.B., Pennsylvania