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“A delightful book of beautifully written pet themed poetry.
I purchased this as a gift for some dog owning friends and they LOVED it.
At 91 pages there are a lot of poems; you get your money’s worth!”
~ Amazon


Cosmic Rescue episode!



Vermont College interview 🦉



Jett Ryder books


Jett Ryder Niagara Power Flip — author on the scene!



“Not only a wonderful story, but also has a glossary and great story of Mount Etna and (real-life daredevil) Vicki Golden.”
~ GoodReads

“Great children’s book. Jett and his parents plan, practice, and think about safety of his stunts. Also explains the history of the Space Needle.”
~ GoodReads


June 2021

Listen to the Trees wins silver! 🥈

2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards