I love writing instant poems for people. (I’ve done over 10,000 of them!)

Just as much, I love sharing what I’ve learned about poems — in workshops, school visits, and crazy stage shows.

An Evening With Lynzy Lab

“I learned so much!  Thanks for sharing your passion for poetry and all of the tips.  I am feeling quite poetic … and a wee bit more confident.”

Emma Virjan, children’s author, Austin Public Library workshop participant

“This was so good! Feeling inspired. ❤”

Laurie Thompson, children’s author, Seattle SCBWI presentation attendee

“Sean’s welcoming and enthusiastic teaching style made everyone feel at ease and even eager to try their hand at poetry writing.”

Mary Ann & Katie Sternberg, Austin Public Library workshop attendees

“Gave me the skills to do instant poetry. Also the courage to just go for it and write!”

attendee, Austin Bat Cave poetry intensive

“Very well-focused and engaging. Sean did a great job instructing us through the 2-day course and his easy fun approach was quite the unexpected treat.”

David Torres, Austin Bat Cave poetry intensive attendee


  • tackling writer’s block
  • starting — and finishing — a poem
  • tips for metaphor, rhyme, & humor
  • writing for strangers
  • using typewriters!


Sun Valley Writers’ Conference

July 20-22: Poem-slinging among writers and other natural wonders in Sun Valley, ID.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

July 27: First time typing in the Twin Cities!



Austin Bat Cave book release

poem-typing with a delightful appearance by Naomi Shihab Nye!

“An Evening With Lynzy Lab

first-ever Typewriter Rodeo stage show!

Austin Badgerdog Summer Writing Camp

wonderful two-week creative journey with 5th-6th graders