“I love Sean Petrie and his band of spontaneous writers.
I love encountering them anywhere — they always lift the mood.”

Naomi Shihab Nye, young people’s poet laureate

Writing poems on-the-spot is one of my favorite things! I’ve been lucky enough to do over 10,000 for people & events all across the country. Check out “Up Next!” for future gigs.

I also love being able to share what I’ve learned and explore new creative connections — in workshops, school visits, and free-flowing stage shows. See “Up Next!” for those, too. 🙂

“Gave me the skills to do instant poetry. Also the courage to just go for it and write!”

workshop attendee

“I learned so much!  Thanks for sharing your passion for poetry and all of the tips.  I am feeling quite poetic … and a wee bit more confident.”

Emma Virjan, children’s author & workshop attendee