Listen to the Trees

A Poetic Snapshot of West Seattle, Then & Now

Documentary Media | Sept. 2020

Pause a moment.

Linger beneath a Douglas fir, gaze at the Space Needle, enjoy a scoop of Husky Flake.

Fall in love.

In these pages, you’ll find a trail mix of life — photos, poetry, and people — all celebrating the unique beauty of West Seattle.

It started with poems at a street fair, written for ages 5 to 85. We added vibrant now-and-then photos, sprinkled in local commentary. The result is a visual and poetic treat: A coffee-table love letter to an always evolving, old-growth neighborhood.

So pause. . . Savor the view. . . Peruse a poem. . . And just listen, to the trees. . .


Documentary Media | Sept. 2020

ISBN:  978-1-933245-61-4