Listen to the Trees

πŸ₯ˆ Silver Medal | Poetry-Specialty
Independent Publisher Book Awards

Born from a weekend street fair, Listen to the Trees is a collection of spontaneous poems, paired with elegant now-and-then photos and personal stories, celebrating the beauty and history of a Seattle neighborhood — and local community everywhere. Order on Amazon.

“Perfect inspiration for your own local project!” — poet & teacher Julie LariosΒ Β 

A tribute to walking your city streets. To your first job or your favorite pub. To the ancient whispers of trees.

Poems, stories, and photos that speak to whatever corner you call home. Because what’s local, is universal.

Julie Larios, poet & writing teacher:

“Perfect inspiration for your own local project!Β  This book is a joy and a delight for those of us who know and love West Seattle — full of poems, stories, photos and narratives of the history of a neighborhood. But it’s also a wonderful model for people all over the country who want to explore their own communities and share what they gather. If you are interested in old photos of your section of town, this book provides a wonderful model of how to follow that interest in sometimes surprising or unusual directions. If you’re interested in oral history, again this book stands as a roadmap for how you might proceed, wherever you live, collecting not only anecdotal history from old-timers but energetic (and often amusing) stories from the new kids on the block. It includes the sweet voices of children as well as the haunting voices (and photos) of the indigenous tribal members who first inhabited the area. A wonderful book for teachers and librarians who want to inspire their students or patrons to document life past and present around a school/ library neighborhood. All kinds of creative projects will occur to you when you read this book. Highly recommended.”

Shanz Dev, PNW chronicler:

Captures so much of the Pacific Northwest and its overall unity of community!”

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